Push-to-Talk Video Chat Customer Reviews:


Great APP

Great APP to exchange video messaging. Extremely user friend I do wish however, there was a way to attach/share other videos with friends

Love this app

Amazing works in and out of the country really good and fun to use

Lovin it

It do wht it got to do


I love it



Cool app

It let me talk to my friends

Best app ever great work!


Great App

The same way years later when you fall in love.Karma is a love.Karma is a good when you fall in love.Karma is a is you fall in love.Karma fall in love.Karma is is

Marco polo

Is the best thing because you get to talk to your friends in public


Can't update..connects and disconnect on its own.. can't download upgrade..

It doesnt work. I can send stuff but when people try to send stuff to me all I see is colored stripes. And I cant do any of the effects it shows

Love it

Love it!

Love it




After updating

Dose not work on Kik it tapes but when u send it goes to Kik but they can't see it.. It worked before the update

I love it!!!!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Its cool

Its so easy to use i love it





Great for family

Love it

It's dumb

I use to love it and now I can't download it again and it would always shut off by itself and say it had trouble shooting. I thought reinstalling it would help but no. I was very wrong. Hope it gets fixed.


It works

Its all about a good time,enjoy the features

is there anyway i can use this on a tablet?


This is the best


If you have relatives that live far away from you, this is the perfect app to keep in touch

Easy to use

Love being able to talk on video with family and friends. It's great!!

love it

love it love it

Love this app

I got this mainly for my son to be able to leave me msgs anytime he wants and his mom for that matter,very useful

Love the app! Should put in more filters and voice filters though lol it would give the app more variety

Awesome way to keep in touch with your loved ones!



The best

Automatic invites suck

This app sent an invite to everyone on my phone......could have lost my job.

Fun fun

It us a place to fun with friends and family